Ecstatic Moments
Now on DVD! Three highly-charged, provocative tales of sex and sensibility from LIBIDO
Winner "Film of the Year," 7th Annual Erotic Awards, London
Shanna McCullough ("Fantasies Impromptu") given Lifetime Achievement Award
by the Free Speech Coalition

An ALL NEW video based on LIBIDO's
award-winning fiction!

"The creators of LIBIDO Magazine have given us a new genre of erotic entertainment; a video with explicit sex, content, and intelligence."
Betty Dodson, Ph.D

Not So Tender Is the Night
A handsome, full-of-himself construction foreman falls into an elaborate trap set by a beautiful woman bent on teaching him a lesson in sexual etiquette.
Starring James Bonn and Tristan Taormino
Close Encounters of the Sophie Kind
A young feminist laywer approaches a well-known writer of erotica to convence her of the error of her ways. Surprisingly, she learns that self-discovery can indeed be the quintessential aphrodisiac.
Starring Jamie Goddard and Carol Queen
Fantasies Impromptu
A successful CEO is powerfully aroused by ideas she thinks most inappropriate. After confessing her ideas to her boyfriend, she finds herself living out the very fantasy she always has been embarrassed to admit.
Starring Shanna McCollough, Gina Rome, Claudio, Mickey G
All three stories on one video cassette, running time 78 minutes. Written, Produced and Written by Marianna Beck and Jack Hafferkamp.

Now on DVD with 30 minutes of erotic extras!

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