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Urban Friction is a finalist for "Film of the Year" at the 10th Annual Erotic Awards in London. See Ecstatic Moments, the 2000 Erotic Awards winner for Best Film.

A 75-minute story of love, lust and romance in the big city.
Starring Mika and Poochie
Produced and Directed by the award-winning team of
Marianna Beck and Jack Hafferkamp

We know many of you have been asking and at last we're ready with our first new erotic drama since the Erotic Oscar winning Ecstatic Moments and the provocative Thank You, Mistress.

Urban Friction -- A Modern Romance is our first new full-length feature-length film in three years. It's all about love and sex among the young and urban. Set in Chicago, it tracks the evolution of an unlikely relationship between a feral city male on the make, and a young woman who wants the pleasures of a committed relationship and the freedom of her fantasies.

The story: New lovers Mika and Poochie get off on the idea of pushing one another?s boundaries. So just for fun, each agrees to make a favorite fantasy come true. Mika maintains her end of the bargain by gifting Poochie to a cruel mistress. (As seen in the video, Thank You, Mistress).

Mika's secret fantasy, on the other hand, is a bit more elaborate and one she's sure Poochie can't handle -- to be the middle of a male sandwich. Mika seeks advice from her more experienced girlfriend, worried that when she does channel her desires Poochie will get cold feet.

Urban Friction -- A Modern Romance is all about the dynamics of sexual relationships and what happens when one partner wants something the other might not. Mika may have a boyfriend who's a bit of a dog -- especially when she's not around -- but Mika ends up training her Poochie to give her exactly what she wants. And everyobody winds up happy -- and orgasmically exhausted.

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