Thank You Mistress:
A Dungeon Love Story

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A dungeon love story about gender roles, power exchanges and sexual politics.

Thank You, Mistress

Ever wondered what a visit to a dominatrix might entail? Too scared to find out for yourself?

Thank you, Mistress does your homework for you&.by taking you to a real dungeon where you can experience the sweet cruelties of Mistress Marilyn.

Warning: Thank you, Mistress is not for everyone.

The story
A young couple on a date attends a gallery opening. They are drawn to a set of photographic images of bondage. He says he finds the idea of being tied up exciting. She says, "I can make it happen," and arranges for a visit with her friend, the cruel-yet-tender Mistress Marilyn. Together, Mika and her boyfriend share in this sexual adventure -- a fantasy journey to the intersection of gender, power and sexual politics, where a man ends up as a woman?s plaything.

Thank You, Mistress, we underscore, is not for everyone. While the bondage-and-discipline (B&D) scenes are portrayed in this video are entirely volitional and do not contain the infliction of any real pain, some viewers may find some of the interactions too intense.

But if you are looking for a video that challenges the cliché-ridden genre of B&D, that celebrates sexual game-playing and embraces the idea that women are as interested in power games as men, you won?t want to miss Thank You, Mistress.

Thank You, Mistress is available for $19.95 (FREE SHIPPING) -- $10 off the retail price of $29.95.

Due to the explicit nature of this video, we cannot ship Thank You, Mistress to the following states: Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah as well as the northern district of Florida. Sorry. (If you live there and don?t think the situation fair, try voting.)

Running time 35 minutes. Written, Produced and Directed by Marianna Beck and Jack Hafferkamp.


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